Monday, 19 May 2014

Birthday bonanza part II

Today has been declared my official birthday (by me), because although the moths yesterday were stupendous, we were very busy with Vlad the excellent Ukrainian and young pals he made in Oxford.

And so the sun shines on in my honour and the moths have again been terrific. Conditions are perfect for them and some of the real goodies are starting to arrive, well ahead of their usual times, as is proving the case with most moths this year.

I have combined today's two biggest stars with my card from Penny and one of her presents. I know of no-one who is cleverer at getting me what I want (which is reassuring, as we head towards our Ruby anniversary in a few years' time).

So here is a Lime Hawk moth on a slightly worryingly-entitled book she gave me, followed by a Puss moth - superb example of dazzle camouflage - on her very clever card. This combines not only a crossword - she and I rack our brains over the Guardian's 'quick' one - and fondant fancies (one of my favourite foods, a taste she deplores) but also a Battenberg cake. Assiduous readers may remember that I am the current holder of First Prize in the Men-only Baking Class of Kidlington Flower Show.


Anonymous said...

We go punting on the Cherwell every summer....I am now a Bit Worried.....

With you 100% on the fancies, not with you AT ALL on the Battenberg.

Love the moths, as always :-)

worm said...

what a regal combo! (the moths - not the cakes...)

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi both and many apologies for the long delay. I have been buried under moths. At last it's started raining at night, so I'm hoping to catch up. Punting is an excellent way of passing the time in a drifty way, isn;t it - as is eating a Findant Fancy. I agree about chocolate Battenberg but I do like the mass-produced pink and yellow ones - remind me of Elephant Hawks which are starting to arrive.

See you both, all warmest M