Thursday 30 December 2021

Happy New Year!


Seasons greetings one and all and I'm sorry that I've been so lazy since, eek, November. The moths have been predictably few and predictably predictable, if that's not overusing a word: Decembers in their furry coats and Winters, dull to look at but wonderfully equipped with a sort of antifreeze instead of blood which allows them to fly on icy nights.

Here's one in an appropriate spot, above and below, and another indoors near the boughs with which our hall is bedecked.

They come every night and to every sort of light, from our wobbly, illuminated Santa to the headlights of the car as we come home. What they must make of the Blenheim Palace lightshow, below, I can only imagine. For us humans, though, it's definitely a great evening out.

Ditto the lights in London below, but my actual moth trap is enjoying a seasonal rest.  The last time I put it out was in mid-December when it attracted more than 20 December moths including this scattering, two pictures below, on the nearby wall of our house.

Here are some of the others, cosier in the eggboxes:

There have been one or two other arrivals since November and here they are: Silver Y, Common Plume, Red-green Carpet, Mottled Umber and Feathered Thorn.

Lastly on moths, an excellent Christmas card, though they could have pillaged the UK micro moth list for a few actual Zs.

Lastly altogether, here is our amazing Christmas Mushroom - not there one day, very there the next.  Happy New Year!