Saturday, 16 April 2016

Brrrr! And Eeeek!

Here's looking at you, pal. In spite of snow this morning, the lamp attracted a decent number of moths last night including this Early Thorn, above and below, which must present an intimidating prospect to other insects. Its fine antennae complement its unusual habit, which I noted the other day, of folding its wings vertically like a butterfly.

This particular specimen is on the drab side for the species, which can come with tasteful orange shades, especially amongst the second brood which hatches from larvae produced by this Spring generation and emerges in late summer.This moth will have hatched recently after spending the winter as a chrysalis. I imagine it is less than impressed by the weather with which its young adult life has been blessed.

There is a scarce, dull greyish variant of the main species (Selenia dentaria) known as form harrisoni, but I don't think this one of those. I must check on who Harrison was and report back. Nice to immortalised in a modest way by a rare moth.

Also among the eggboxes, a Hebrew Character (above) and a meeting house-ful of Common Quakers, a couple of them shown below.

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