Friday, 1 April 2016

Birth day moths

My mind is more on our day-old grandson than the moths, but I put the trap out last night nonetheless, to see if anything memorable might come to mark his arrival in the world. My moths have a very good record in this regard; I remember in particular a fabulous Large Emerald arriving to mark our younger son's birthday ten years ago or so. It was the first I had ever seen.

Last night was not on that scale, but it was very nice to find the handsome Pale Pinion, above, asleep in the eggboxes along with five Hebrew Characters - first pic below - and a Small Quaker - last pic. The latter is as pretty as a newborn babe, even if its colouring is the usual modest assortment of browns and greys which we associate with the Quaker family of moths. Caramel-y, perhaps, if one is looking for an appropriate link to human Quakers and their fine reputation - Rowntree, Cadbury, Fry - for making chocolate.

Have you been April Fooled? I was. Yesterday, we set up a fine pair of plump partridges, one of which spent ages on our roof ridge making distraught calls for its friend. This morning, Penny told me that there was a parrot on our neighbours' birdfeeder. And I believed her.

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