Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sting in the tale

Wasps are abroad at this time of year. The social structure of their nests is breaking down and many are on the loose. Their disorientation after a life of fascist-like order must be made worse by my powerful light. Dozens are dopily stuck in the trap in the morning. Sometimes they attack the equally sleepy moths but mostly they ignore them. Look how they try to maintain group solidarity. The first picture shows a little band somewhat dispersed after I lifted the trap lid. The second, a minute or so later, has them huddling together. For reassurance? Defence? It would be interesting to know and I will Google 'wasps' later today. I didn't get stung, incidentally, although one wasp came into the kitchen on my dressing gown and watched me making early morning tea. Meanwhile, I was interested in this dead Large Yellow Underwing. Ooh what big legs you've got, as Little Red Riding Hood might have said. You seldom see moths' legs unfolded to their full extent.

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