Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Micro morning

It was pretty chilly last night and the number of moths in the trap was the lowest since May. A Black Rustic and a Beautiful Golden Y, a score of increasingly tatty yellow underwings and a few dozy wasps.The micro wasps kept their little flag flying, however, including these three. I shall drink my early morning tea in the company of one of the excellent online micro sites, and return with whatever findings my notoriously limited powers of observation can manage. Note that the one above has decided to roost by the L for Large sign on the eggbox, which also conveniently gives you an idea of scale. It's very interesting to click on the pics and thus make them much vaster. The micro at the top, magnified in this way, looks like an elderly member of the House of Lords; the similar but much more battered one at the bottom right, shows how moths gradually lose their scales as their short and precarious life goes on.
I noticed yesterday, for the first time, one of the adverts which Google adds on to these blogs. Ironically, it was for moth killer - the sort which disposes of the ones which nibble holes in clothes. The search engine needs refining, maybe...

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