Thursday, 24 September 2009

Out of bounds

More signs of the prevalence of butterflies and moths as symbols or decoration: further south on our holiday probe, another of my small cousins, Anna, came dashing back into the bar at the King's Head in Ruan Lanihorne ( a lovely hamlet in Cornwall) and said; "there's a butterfly in the ladies." This was one place I could not venture, in spite of the fact that I have stalked butterflies in the Victoria Falls gorge and at the top of Mount Poniki in Sulawesi, Indonesia. I handed over the camera, and back she and her Mum came with this fine picture-of-a-picture of a Red Admiral (above). The nearest thing we had in the Gents was this stylised bee; one of a collection of regimental badges on old cigarettes cards. A very fine pub; and back home afterwards, Anna found this Speckled Wood, seen here both displaying (below) and in hiding mode (above left). Note how the hiding one has positioned itself so that its shadow is minimal.

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