Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dusk and dawn

'Dusky' is a nice word, onamatopoeic I suppose, turning your mind to soft summer evenings, as well as having the attractive ending of 'ski' which tends to lift the sound (though not in the exaggerated way used by so many younger people, which somehow spoils the effect, probably because it sounds like a fashion, as with the modern habit of starting sentences: 'So...'

So... This is all by way of introducing the first of the Sallow moths to arrive in 2016, a family whose yellowish colourways brighten up the trap when its contents tend too much to the brown and grey. Welcome to Dusky Sallow; buff rather than yellow, admittedly, but with a delightfully complez wing pattern; yet another moth 'design' which I am sure has influenced the fashion world.

Blessed with very similar colours, here is another moth, below, which puzzles me. I thought at first glance that it was a Dun-bar, but that doesn't look right.  Is it perhaps a Clouded-bordered Brindle, although the wing shape seems not quite correct for that? Advice most welcome, or I shall try the unfailing Upper Thames Moths blog.

I must repeat my uncertainty with the moths below, first a couple of macros and then a string of micros, as it's my younger son's birthday and there are many demands on  my time. Guesses for now, more substance - I hope - soon.

Small Square-spot?
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Catoptria pinella?

Acleris aspersana?

Brown Plume?

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