Friday, 26 March 2021


Although my new mercury vapour bulb shines brightly and sturdily, trapping is still a little intermittent at the moment because of unpredictable weather. I am pleased to report the arrival of a perennial favourite however, the Early Grey, which inevitably reminds me of tea. It came on the same night as a bevy of Hebrew Characters; here are two in contrasting colourways, below.

I also found this little caterpillar on the garden table while cutting reeds from the canal to renew the thatch on the grandchildren's treehouse. It's sadly undistinguished and may be a juvenile - the black thing is a felt tip pen, the nearest object I could grab for scale.  If any passer-by has caterpillar expertise, I'd be very grateful for an ID.


Edward Evans said...

Not sure about the caterpillar, the foodplant on Northumberland Moth groups website will help, or the back of the caterpillar guide book. I don't know if you read it, but I happened to stumble across an excellent moth group, Herefordshire and Worcestershire moths.

All the best


Martin Wainwright said...

Hi and belated thanks for this - I've not been trapping for quite a while because of the weather. Hope all continues well with you. Thanks very much for the county moths group sites too. All vb as ever, M