Friday, 26 March 2021


Although my new mercury vapour bulb shines brightly and sturdily, trapping is still a little intermittent at the moment because of unpredictable weather. I am pleased to report the arrival of a perennial favourite however, the Early Grey, which inevitably reminds me of tea. It came on the same night as a bevy of Hebrew Characters; here are two in contrasting colourways, below.

I also found this little caterpillar on the garden table while cutting reeds from the canal to renew the thatch on the grandchildren's treehouse. It's sadly undistinguished and may be a juvenile - the black thing is a felt tip pen, the nearest object I could grab for scale.  If any passer-by has caterpillar expertise, I'd be very grateful for an ID.

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Edward Evans said...

Not sure about the caterpillar, the foodplant on Northumberland Moth groups website will help, or the back of the caterpillar guide book. I don't know if you read it, but I happened to stumble across an excellent moth group, Herefordshire and Worcestershire moths.

All the best