Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Orange drops

It's turned suddenly parky so it's nice to have some warming colours in the trap. The Sallows are good and faithful providers of these at this time of the year - here's a Centre-barred Sallow (Update: sorry just Barred; thanks to Conehead in comments) and a straightforward Sallow - the scrambled egg moth - above.  The Beaded Chestnut is brown but also has a lovely orangey glow. Here are three of them on the lightbulb holder.

There are plenty of matching micros about as well, like these two which I think are both Epiphyas postvittana, the Light Brown Apple Moth. I have also made a collage of some of the moths' wings closer-up to show the variety and charm of the current visitors.

And here are a couple more composites of recent arrivals, firstly from the top left clockwise: Gold Triangle (Hypsopygia costalis), Burnished Brass, Red-green Carpet, Snout, Black Rustic with its glinting golden 'eyes' and Common Marbled Carpet:

Then a quartet of much the most common arrival, the Lunar Underwing which comes in three colourways: light grey, dark grey and light brown. The one at the bottom left was scrambling along a pavement near my grandchildren's nest, unable or unwilling to fly.

The Willow Beauty is a frequent visitor still, the Brindled Green is a very welcome, handsome newcomer for the year and the Large Yellow Underwing is lasting well into early Autumn - all below: 

Finally, I think that this next moth is a Small Dusty Wave but the other three need someone more expert to sort them out. I shall haste me to the Upper Thames Moths blog. Update: UTM and Conehead in Comments kindly ID the last one as a Deep Brown Dart and Dave Wilton on UTM nails the other two as Square-spot Rustics. He thinks my wave is a Riband while another UTM member suggests Small Fan-footed. I will puzzle over pictures of all three.

Thanks to Conehead the Commentor, however, I know that this basking dragonfly in today's last picture is a Common Darter.


Conehead54 said...

A good selection there Martin. Our last trapping only produced a few Square-spot Rustic, Brimstone, Orange Swift & Chestnut.

I think you mean Barred rather than Centre-barred Sallow at the top! Bottom moth is Deep Brown Dart.

Glad you had a good time with the grandchildren.

Certainly turning chillier at night now.

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi and thanks yet again for those IDs and correction - very much appreciated. The grandchildren are as entertaining as ever1 All warmest M