Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Best-laid plans...

...gang aft agley - and so it was with my blithe prediction yesterday that the trap would be lit again last night after Penny and my week in Rome.

Boy Scout cooking
In the wonderful warmth of the Italian capital, I had forgotten all about British weather. As our 'plane's pilot had warned us, to resigned totters from the passenger cabin, it was cold and rainy at Gatwick. It seemed to get colder in central London and when we got home, there was a power cut until midnight.

Girl Guide lights
So, no moths today. Instead, here are some better quality pictures of the Swallowtail  butterfly which called on our roof terrace on the first morning of our stay, plus the Renaissance murals of its possible ancestors from the Castel Sant'Angelo.  I have to add, sadly, that the Swallowtail did not return and we saw very few butterflies in Rome other than 'Whites', plus a possible fritillary in a wilder patch of the Palatine.  But I'm not complaining. We saw plenty of other wonderful things.

Oh, and a couple of grasshoppers from the same early 16th century wall:

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