Wednesday 14 April 2010

Nice distinctions

Those mystified by moth enthusiasm may have their doubts increased by today's offering. Here are some of the trap's first arrivals - among 53 slumbering away - and I can't say that any of them are likely to draw new recruits to the study. Be forbearing though, and have a closer look.
The patterning on the Hebrew Character is actually very delicate under close scrutiny, as is the Common Quaker, for all its rather plain, Jane Eyreish appearance at first glance.
The other thing about these types of moth is that they challenge my notoriously weak identification skills, and I thank the Lord for my expert Commentors who often put me right. I will stick my neck out as usual, however, and say that they are, from the top: Hebrew Character (for more about the name see post on 5 September 2008), Common Quaker, Clouded Drab and Small Quaker.


Monts said...

Hi Martin good to see the moth trap out of hibernation, and already getting a few species, guess I will have to get mine dusted off and charged now the good weather is here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monts - good to hear from you. Here's to Spring! It's worth getting the light out now, specially down in Cornwall I'd guess. I'm hoping for some more colourful arrivals soon, but everything's interesting. Will you be voting Cornish Nationalist on May 6? All best M

sarah meredith said...

Hi Martin - How wonderful to see your blog again! It makes me feel that summer can't be far behind. xx to you and Penny

Anonymous said...

Sarah! Hi! And to you all! What a coincidence. I was showing Pen how all my moth buddies had been in touch since the light flickered on, and she said: "I wonder if Sarah knows you're back rambling on" or words to that effect, and now we know the answer. Hooray!

We've just had the great pleasure of showing two Seattle cousins of P round the glories of Leeds, the Lakes and the Roman Wall, and very much enjoying their enthusiasm for it all. They even went to Sleaford, Lincs, which you'll understand is taking UK tourism seriously. X for now - M -not Anonymous but I'm away from base, using the wifi in a McDonald's and don't know my own settings. Age...)