Monday, 31 August 2009

Would you like to try the desserts?

This being August Bank Holiday, thoughts naturally turn to large ice creams on the beach or lovely puddings in sunny pub gardens. At my brother-in-law's birthday feast last night, I had rather a wonderful pudding, involving rhubarb (famed Yorkshire product) apple, custard and cream.

So that will all explain why these moth trap visitors last night (a very warm one incidentally) remind me of desserts. A mocha concoction in the case of the Spruce Carpet (top), and something with peaches, lemon, raspberries and ice cream in that of the Riband Wave, topside and underwing below.
Click on the pics to see the wonderfully delicate patterning of what appear to be, on first, blearly-eyed inspection of the trap in the morning, rather routine moths. There were some other attractive arrivals, including both those Cinderella sisters the Plain and Beautiful Golden Y, quite a few wasps and a bumble bee, which did indeed bumble hopelessly round the egg boxes before finally discovering the way to freedom.

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