Friday, 28 August 2009

Odd goings-on

Bennyboymothman was right when he predicted in his comment a couple of posts back; interesting late summer moths are starting to appear in the trap. In spite of blustery weather last night, there were plenty of visitors tucked in the eggboxes - my supply of the latter has built up again after a soaking in July. We are eggbound in this household.I love the Gold Spot (top picture), or possibly Lempke's Gold Spot. And so, apparently, does this bold fly. It eventually crept under the shelter of the moth's body, disturbing it not at all. Actually, I then disturbed it in case the fly decided to lay eggs in the moth, a hideous practice of some parasites which results in the adoptive 'parent' being eaten alive.

Here's an Angle Shades, too, in its bizarre but characteristic crash-land position. The name makes them sound like some sort of product from a lighting store. When we were children, we were always told not to stand on our heads for too long, or hang upside down from furniture, because the blood would rush into our heads and make us go mad. This clearly isn't a problem for the Angle Shades.

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