Thursday, 13 August 2009

Introducing the Economoth

This is a distinguished insect. You could call it an Economoth. It graces the front cover of The Economist which is as witty as usual (in full, below). Did you know that we may have power cuts within the next few years in the UK? Bad news for those of us who run moth traps. The next issue comes out tomorrow, so buy your Moth Economist asap, particularly as my older son works for it. I think that if you want to keep abreast of the world's affairs, it's a very handy way, perhaps combined with occasional doses of Red Pepper - see links to both above, left. I'm hoping to discover from their customer services dept whether the illustrator used a real moth as the model and if so, what it is. No trapping today, because I am fed up with yellow underwings (and they may well be fed up with me, justifiably). I'm trying to work out a different site to try the trap, which involves cables, plugs and much thought.


Anonymous said...

"No trapping today, because I am fed up with yellow underwings".

I know that feeling all too well, Martin. They can be a real pain in the A***. Not only do they arrive in numbers, but they tend to disturb all the other species, in the trap.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Dean!

I'm glad you sympathise. I just feel overwhelmingly weary when I see them all. So even if there chanced to be some rarity among them, I don't have the heart to look. Still, they must be indicators of a healthy wildlife (just as our neighbours' cat seems to find an inexhaustible supply of mice in our garden) Your disturbance point is right on as well. All best Martin