Friday, 14 August 2009

Who was Svensson, then?

I can't answer the question in my headline, yet. But here is Svensson's Copper Underwing, which was only separated as distinct from everybody else's Copper Underwing in the 1960s. It has dark palps with pale tips, which I think are what you can see in the picture. Once I've posted it, I'm going to click on it to have a closer look and report back. The moth was a welcome arrival after all the yellow underwingery, although there were a good 60 of the latter in the trap too. I moved it to a more shady, wooded area which meant many fewer moths overall. But the SCU is a handsome visitor and in good condition. It was very jittery, hence the blurred wings (not me, I promise) and took off shortly afterwards in a mad but successful break for freedom. I've now checked out the magnified head but, as ever, remain uncertain. So you decide. The ordinary CU's palps are pale throughout.

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