Saturday, 22 August 2009

Straw dots

Say Hello to one of the smallest moths admitted into the standard class of British insects, maybe to muttering among larger relations which are classified as micro moths. This is a Straw Dot, rather a long-lived one judging by my book which says that they flourish mostly in June and July. There is however a second, August generation which is described as living in southern Britain. Maybe the North is getting warmer. Hope so. It's got nothing to do with Straw Dogs, though maybe there could be a sequel to Peckinpah's film, all about moths.

Here too is a Dark Arches giving you a brackeny V-sign and a Dart or Rustic of some kind showing the correct way to curl up in the shutting slot of an egg box. I'm going to have my late Saturday morning tea before trying to work out exactly what it is. It rained ever so slightly last night, but we are in for a sunny, sunny day.

If you click on the Straw Dot picture, btw, and make it a whole lot bigger, you can have a happy time thinking of alternative names based on its fascinating little wing mark. The Lesser Spectacle? The Optician's Joy? My mother-in-law is a retired optician, so I shall ask her.


Monts said...

GM Martin
Could be named Blind Beauty, on Straw Dogs that was filmed at ST Buryan near Lands End and my father in law was foreman for a road contractor and oversaw the laying of the roads that were used in the film.Anyway raining here this morning and very frustrated I cannot get out with the camera. Enjoy the tea.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Monts!

Thanks very much - excellent suggestion and how interesting that your family was involved in the famous film. When I was small, I stayed nbear the set of part of The Inn of the Sixth Happiness which was v big at the time (Ingrid Bergman etc) and I was amazed at how they took over the whole place

All v best