Monday, 12 March 2012

The very sleepy caterpillar

Yesterday was the warmest day in the UK so far this year, and the trap had a good number of guests this morning: 32 Quakers, mostly Small I think after Ben Sale's comments on yesterday's post, a 'white' marked Satellite, a Hebrew Character and another Oak Beauty; oh and this Pug moth which I will try to identify later. I've already got one such on my pending list from last week. Update: I think they are both Brindled Pugs.

There didn't seem enough to warrant a post on the blog, but then I lifted up the trap to take it in and saw this:

a caterpillar enjoying the safe, moist gloom provided by the big bowl. So here's another challenge to my feeble powers of identification. Waring & Townsend provide some photographs of moth caterpillars and I will look through them tonight.

Unless, that is, a caterpillar expert chances on this post in the meanwhile... Here it is once again, for luck. (And see stop-press, below the picture).

Some hours later, falling asleep in front of the ten o'clock news: I have it. It's a Large Yellow Underwing caterpillar, I'm more or less sure. We certainly have plenty of the adult insects come the summer.

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