Monday, 19 March 2012

No, it isn't summer yet

A sharp reminder this morning that we're only in mid-March. Look, the lawn's gone white. Although it was warm and sunny yesterday, the night saw a heavy frost.

This sabotaged my ploy of putting the trap in a mass of heather, to test whether the combination of honey scent with the light would add to the number of arrivals. I don't think there was much honey scent as the cold clamped down. Only six Common Quakers, three Small Quakers, three Clouded Drabs and this Hebrew Character moth below made it to the eggboxes.

As you can see from the wear and tear, new boxes are badly needed. Penny is working out a helpful food menu for the week starting with eggybread in an hour or so's time. That's also known as French Toast (and no doubt in France as pain grille Anglais).

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