Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lighting up London

Here's an exciting prospect: as part of the Guardian's famous Open Weekend - lavish details here - I am going to be running my moth trap (or 'Martin Wainwright's moth machine' as it is called in various internal memos about health & safety etc) on the roof of the imperial headquarters at King's Place. I have posted a photograph of this looking normal above, and below is an impression by an artist with limited computer skills (me) of what it may look like on the night of Saturday, 24 March.

Next morning, I am going head to head with my colleague Patrick Barkham who wrote an excellent book last year - info here - about his love of butterflies, but is also a heretic who believes that these gaudy flibbertigibbets are superior to moths. Please come and join in, if you are anywhere near London. Much else is going on. Details here.

Here it Leeds, it rains and so the trap is having a rest before its great metropolitan foray.


Anonymous said...

Loving the 'artists' impression!

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks! Permission for the roof has now been given, with various caveats about outdoor plugs etc, so stand by for a mighty glow over N1. Sorry I can't realise it better with my computer graphics...

All warm wishes, M