Saturday, 17 March 2012

Big country, little moth

Howdy folks! I've hoisted Old Glory today because the interesting 'Stats' page which Blogspot provides (and which I only discovered towards the end of last year) shows me that over the winter the United States has secretly seized control of Martin's Moths and now provides its biggest readership. Hooray!

I bumble away here mostly for my own pleasure, but it is enjoyable occasionally peeping at the world map on Stats and seeing the amazing range of countries which clock in from time to time. Many thanks and you are always warmly welcome.

In honour of your big country, Amnericans, here is a very small moth. It belongs to the large and confusing Tortrix family whose name appears to come from the Latin for 'twist', the same root as 'torque' as in women's fashion and engineering. The nearest similar one I've found so far is the Leaf-roller Tortrix although that usually flies in Summer and so this would either be a tough survivor or an early hatch. Here it is again, closer-up. Lovely, if small, like the UK.

We have had a very mild winter and a lovely Spring so far, but if any passing Tortrix expert from any of the countries which tune in here has better information, that would be great. Bye for now pardners. On which score, here's an update: my good and learned friend Ben Sale whose own moth blog is in my links and much-valued, has come to my rescue again. See his comment by clicking below.


Bennyboymothman said...

Still going strong I see!
This is Acleris notana/ferrugana the former if you have lots of Birch nearby.
I hope to be back to trapping sunday evening.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Ben!

Yes, once I start, I find it hard to stop...

Thanks as always for coming to my rescue and all warm wishes as ever. Good luck tonight!


sarah meredith said...

Hi Martin - for one brief moment in this scary political season, I am proud to be an American! I assume that your blog has had an Alice's Restaurant kind of adventure where news has spread from one person to the other across the land. I hope that I have played a role - however small - in its promulgation. I now have at least 4 friends who are regulars like me and if each of them converted 4 more. . .
Anyway it is well deserved fame and I am so happy that it is spring again! xx to you and P s

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Sarah!

I thought of you when I saw how many people in your noble land were reading. Thanks very much indeed!

Maybe moths will become an election issue... I know the various states all have official birds, flowers etc. They should have moths too.

Actually, I've just Googled a list of US State Insects and this could become a serious issue. About seven of them have the ladybird(bug) and New Mexico even has a State Wasp!

But no moths.

Americans arise!


M (and P)

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Hi Martin, I know the vast majority of my visitors are American. Logical as its mostly 'my fellow Americans' who are searching for American bugs. And so I guess pretty much anyone who peeks in on you from Banished's Bugs...

I have issues with the whole state bug, bird, flower thing as I've said before. It needs to be on a first come first served basis. Too many ladybugs, too many swallowtails, too many cardinals. Once one is taken go find your own! It would give some of the LBJs a look in.