Thursday, 22 March 2012

Incy wincy...

First trapping for a while last night, what with Mothering Sunday commitments and all the business of Pat testing the lamp for its London excursion on Saturday night. Nothing special to report though; the Modest Brethren are still very much about - Quakers of varying sorts and a trio Hebrew Characters - but an Oak Beauty put in an appearance too.

There was an interesting couple of Common Quakers, shown just above, the one on the left with a prominent white stripe which could be bird strike or maybe an encounter with a bramble or twig. The Twin-spot Quaker pictured at the top of this post meanwhile found an unusual nook, on the very end of the bulb-holder. Maybe it was Pat testing too.

And then there was this, above. Had I found one of the flightless females of early Spring moths, as described several posts ago? Whatever it was, it was upside down, so I carefully decanted it from its bit of eggbox. Wheee! Off it zoomed, below, faster than a moth because it had eight legs and not six. Yep, it was a spider. They seldom visit the trap but this one had got in and dozed off as thoroughly as any moth.

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