Wednesday, 14 March 2012

King of the castle

Moths settle in the trap in all sorts of curious ways, or sometimes just flop on its base, right way up or upside down, like drunks or children who have keeled over and gone to sleep. A favourite habit is to creep right inside the cones of the eggboxes which is what I think I would do. But this Small Quaker is an exception. Unusually, it chose to kip on the tip of a cone. It looks as though it's clinging on rather desperately but was actually was sound asleep and remained so when I tapped it gently off into the gloomy safety beneath a rhododendron.

Pug moths on the other hand favour the outside of the trap; sometimes the transparent cowl as in Monday's picture and sometimes on the black plastic bowl like these three. They are much lighter sleepers and, almost alone among my regular visitors, often flutter away before I have the chance to photograph them.

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