Sunday, 18 March 2012

MOTHers Day!

Not a post for entomologists today, I'm afraid. We were away yesterday and most of last night, so the trap stayed dark and the female moths of north west Leeds celebrated Mother's Eve undisturbed (except no doubt by the males).

But I thought we should respect Mother's Day here and so I Google-imaged 'Moth Woman' and 'Moth Girl' with startling results. Some of them are not fit to reproduce in a family blog, but the subject clearly appeals to creative people. This one is from a shopping website called Zazzle which has a bigger picture showing the traditional moth-to-the-flame more clearly.

Apart from the small selection here, there are hundreds of pictures including quite a few from a publishing company devoted to stories by an Australian artist, Deborah Klein, about insects, including moth-women vigilantes. Try this taster: 'Turn the pages of this little book and discover other worlds, where mysterious women disguised in moth masks appear under cover of darkness...' The mothwoman on the right, meanwhile, is by New York illustrator Liza Corbett.

I like this picture, too, from Flickr by Ben Levin, which manages to link a conventionally alluring moth girl with women's ancient fears involving moths and clothes. Thanks for the pics and love and honour to you all, dear mothers, on your special day.

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