Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ooh look! It's the Post Office Tower...

Yes, the trap is sprung. Here it is on the roof of the Guardian's London Palace, King's Place, with the Post Office Tower twinkling in the distance and the shiny new St Pancras nearer to hand. Garth the very nice security man gave me a hand, and tomorrow morning I'll go an see if anything has arrived.

I'm not getting over-excited. The light pollution in London has to be seen to be believed. Garth and I gazed at Jupiter and Venus, riding in the sky together close to a sickle moon, but they were nothing like they are on the outskirts of Leeds. It was also quite chilly on the roof and a bit breezy, and of course it's very high. Here's the trap again, with flash.

Fingers crossed, anyway. And even if I don't catch any moths to show off in my duel with Patrick, I have other weapons. Here's a preview of my Tiny Book of Mothly Virtues, hand-crafted for the Guardian's Open Weekend, and phials of rum-and-treacle mixture for keen Guardianistas to try, Blue Peter style, at home.

Update: I tried to post this last night but my dongle didn't seem to attract enough wifi to upload the pics, if that's the right terminology So now I'm having a morning coffee and then sallying forth to inspect the trap. Hope readers haven't forgotten the lost hour. Spring forward; fall back.


petoskystone said...

Now I wish that I was close enough to come to the Guardians' Open Weekend!

MartinWainwright said...

Hi there P

It was a great event - excellent, friendly atmosphere and lots of families with children as well as older Guardian loyalists of the kind I have known (and loved) for years.

But not many moths - see next post. Mind you, I was quite relieved cos I didn't really have a strategy for coping with any which might have been in the trap and woken up during our debate

All warm wishes