Friday, 9 March 2012

Hooray for women!

Here's my tribute to International Women's Day, with apologies that it comes a day late. This particular woman lives in one of our geranium pots and here she is peeping at a Satellite which arrived last night. I can't say that the moths themselves put on a special effort in honour of the occasion but there are plenty of them for so early in the year: 23 altogether, and I'd sited the trap in a rather obscure and bosky corner of our domain.

Brown, grey, maddeningly similar, Oh dear, not my favourite sort of morning, and I haven't time to check them out thoroughly at the moment. I've had a quick scan at the depressing pages which feature Quakers and Drabs but identification will have to wait until this evening or possibly tomorrow.

Certainly one of them, left above, is a pug, maybe a Brindled one. And I think that we have Chestnuts and Common Quakers in the mix. Apologies for the blurry focus; the mornings are still a bit dark. Anyway, well done women everywhere, and battle on. Penny and I were watching the new BBC TV series White Heat last night, which starts in the 1960s, and marvelling how far we have come. My eyes still mist over nostalgically at the thought of the Sixties, mind... Old hippy.

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