Friday, 31 August 2012

Tea, or chai, for two

This moth shouldn't puzzle me, should it? It looks most distinctive, but in my usual fashion, I have come away from my moths Bible in a state of uncertainty about what it may be. I think that it's a Grey Chi, which is an appealing name, sounding like the word used for 'tea' in Eastern lands; and, as so often when I write these bulletins, I am in bed sipping my morning tea.

The name actually comes from the Greek letter Chi, which the vaguely cross-like shape on the forewing was thought to resemble (see left). Reading online about the moth just now, I did at least come across the reason for my persistent failings. The entry on Wikipedia refers to 'markings which vary in intensity', and this is the problem. There is so much variation in moth wing colourings and patterns.

I've got more sure during the writing of this post that it is a Grey Chi. I shall stick my neck out and say, it is. Chi is also part of the Christian symbol, the ChiRho for Christ, so this moth is a brother in religious symbolism to that regular visitor to the trap earlier on in the season, the Hebrew Character.

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