Friday, 7 September 2012

Paralympic papillon

I've been down in Olympiclandia in London having a truly amazing week at the Paralympic Games whose marvels have been much-described, and rightly so.  Among the many delights of the park (which is very big, taking a good half-hour to cross from side to side) is the wildflower planting which is extremely beautiful. It has also been done with an eye to attracting wildlife, including the Brocade moth.

How excellent that such a vast project should take account of such a small creature, and see the value in publicising this too. I didn't see any Brocade moths and wouldn't have recognised them if I had done - my Moth Bibles being in Leeds - but there were masses of these Common Blue butterflies, above, skittering about in the wetlands area beside the river Lea.

Penny's vivid clothing also attracted this ladybird, which we consider to be a sign of good luck in our family. And we finished up a great spell, including three bronze medals in swimming for our older son and daughter-in-law's bridesmaid Susi 'Suse Missile' Rodgers, by clambering up the most famous 'animals' in the park - the squid and octopus whose writhings make up Anish Kapoor's Orbit tower.

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