Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Have you heard the one about the moth?

I was Tweeted today with a moth joke, the first I have heard for many years and now the first to appear in Martin's Moths:

Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a moth
I see, well the psychiatrist is in the room next door
Yes, I know, but your light was on

Tee-hee. Actually it made me laugh so much that I ran through to find Penny and pass it on to her. She laughed too.

As for the trap, it is awash with the various types of Yellow Underwing. I find it hard to work up much enthusiasm for them because they are so familiar. By way of relief, there were three Willow Beauties perched on the outside of the plastic canopy - untrapped therefore, but dazed or disorientated by the lamp. Here's one, above, with friends.

Also in residence were several Single-dotted Waves with varying shades of colour. Sorry for the poor quality of these two photos but they show how different the same moth can appear. I am not sure if I will trap tonight as the weather is lurching between clear skies and monsoons. Boy Scouts, both disabled and non-disabled, are ascending the UK's four highest mountains tomorrow where they will use flints to light torches for the coming Paralympic Games. Please pray for fine weather.

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