Friday, 10 August 2012

Go on, jump!

I mustn't go on about the Olympics too much but they don't come to London very often - ie once in my lifetime. So here's a tribute to today's competitors in the diving, including Team GB's own Tom Daley who carries a heavy burden of expectations on his young shoulders.

I love these T-shaped micros. I think it's because they bring back the world of craft knives, balsa wood and the size or 'dope' which we used as boys on kit aircraft wings. Kiel Kraft, wasn't it? This little creature resembles the finished product; or indeed the real-life SE5A which my grandad flew in the Royal Flying Corps.

My late and very dear Aunty Anne wrote a memoir of his love affair with my granny and his wartime flying, crash and capture. It's called Dear Girl, I escaped, and can be tracked down online, eg. here. Thanks to Wikipedia for the 'plane picture.

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