Sunday, 5 August 2012

Golden Jess - Olympic moths 3

Gold medals shower on Team GB - Yorkshire alone is seventh in the medal table - and golden moths have duly arrived here in Leeds. First of all, my tribute to the lovely, sporting and Sheffield-born-and-dwelling Jessica Ennis: an appropriately heart-shaped Acleris forsskaleana.

The other gleam of gold in the trap came from this Cypress Tip micro below, which is standing in for the other five Team GB gold medallists on Super Saturday. It is meeting some of its fans, one of them with amazingly long black-and-white antennae (click on the pick to enlarge).

And finally, here is the chairman of the Olympic Committee getting ready to award the medals - our good old Poplar Hawk moth, largest of the species which visit me. They've been around since mid-June. Well done, Olympians! And more awaits us today.

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