Monday, 27 August 2012

Chocks away!

A bit of a diversion this morning, because I was arrested by this image of four Riband Waves lined up on the runway of the trap's transparent collar. They took me back 30 years to the return of HMS Invincible from the Falklands campaign, to be greeted by - among many others - Mrs Thatcher and me.

Don't you think the moths look just like a squadron of fighter jets? Here's the real thing which I photographed back in Portsmouth harbour in 1982, for comparison. And although my moth identifying skills may be rubbish, I don't think we need any help with the character in the picture I took on the flight deck, below. Doesn't she look young though? We all did then...


SamuelMillar153 said...

Hahahaha! That photo is priceless!! The Riband Bombers! :)

Still enjoying your blog Martin, so entertaining.


MartinWainwright said...

Hi there and many apologies for the delay in coming back; it's been a busy time. the comparison struck me immediately and I do wonder if moth flight, wing-shape et al has been studied by aeronautical engineers.

Digging out that pic of Mrs T brought back memories!

V. glad that you enjoy my ramblings. I never tire of moths...

All warm wishes