Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hum drum

I should by rights have a golden moth today, with the UK in ecstasies over our first Olympic gold medal. Tomorrow, maybe. For now, I can offer you only a trio of humdrum moths of the Lesser/Common Rustic and Quaker variety. Goodness, the hideous pink of the background paving stone is more colourful than they are.

Still, not so fast. Once you start to dwell on their wing tones and patterns, you start to see hidden beauty, and that is often more satisfying than the in-your-face variety offered by flashy butterflies. As in the world of moths, so in that of we humans, maybe? I will leave you to ponder that thought while I try to identify these three (Bright-line Brown Eye, Common (Lesser Common) Rustic, Common Quaker?) before one of my much more able commentors kindly saves me the trouble.

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