Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Three in one

Small is beautiful as we all know, and these three moths from this morning's extremely crowded trap bear that out. But small is also baffling in Wainwrightland and although the trio all appear to be very distinctive, I am still trying to puzzle out what they are.

I bounded indoors full of excitement, especially about the maroon, pink and sandy one at the top which I am sure is new to my Leeds bag. All three of them also looked to be from the Carpet family and that usefully narrowed the coming search.

But so far: bafflement. The green one could be a Beech-green Carpet methinks, but that is rare. I think the other two must be examples of how varied moth patterning is within a species. Or else of how dim I am.  Any commentors not on holiday who can help will be thanked profusely. Otherwise I will throw myself on the mercy of our West Yorkshire  county recorder Dr Charlie Fletcher. He is an endlessly patient man and must be a very popular GP.


R Homan said...

Give a man a moth id and... Show a man to moth id and... So
in the spirit of the latter: New moth bible P 251; old moth bible P 145 and P 136.


Anonymous said...


You are a star!

I have to go out just now but I am very much looking forward to following your trail

Great thanks