Saturday, 25 August 2012

After that, the dark

The Copper Underwings are here. See above. Eek! But since I haven't yet persuaded one to show me its actual copper underwing, about which they are very shy, I will stay a little longer in the realms of light.

Following yesterday's Sallows, here are a couple of Dun-bars, very pretty late summer moths and very like the Sallows. It isn't easy for the camera to bring out their true colours, I find. Something about the spectrum involved can dull the brightness and the light. But I hope these pictures give an idea. As you can see in the second, rain is a problem these nights, although so far it has been gentle.

Actually, I'm having second thoughts about whether the second one may be a Sallow after all. I will ponder the question after breakfast. Update: See Comments and weep....  What we have hear is actually a Sallow followed by an Angle-barred Sallow. Many thanks to Bill and one day I will learn...


Bill D said...

You may have already worked this out during your breakfast ponderings, but the first moth is a Sallow, and the second a very smart looking Angle-striped Sallow... no Dun-bars in that catch!


MartinWainwright said...

Oh Lordy...

Thanks very much Bill. I think I was in a bit of a rush. Much obliged - and one day I will get these things right

All warm wishes (and sorry for delay; we have had our first-ever moth trap owner staying and I got a bit distracted),