Friday, 10 July 2009

A tiny member of the House of Lords

Well if they reform the upper chamber one day, maybe they will admit this character. He's wearing Ermine after all. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning, so for now I'll just post him up: I'm not sure which of the Ermine micro-moths he is, but it's the same family which covered that Dutch car with sticky goo (see posts some way below). No sticky goo in the garden here, I'm glad to say, but I have other wildlife excitements to report: bird flying into windows and something big and hungry trying to dig the honey out of our bumble bees' nest. It wasn't me. More soon.

Actually, more now. It's a bit later on and I just came across a Comma with its wings folded. Bearing in mind the way we all tend to assume knowledge, I suddenly thought that anyone looking at the pic of the Comma a few posts below might wonder why it has this name. Well here, right, is the reason. Like the Peacock, which has extremely dark underwings in spite of its vivid top, the Comma is pretty dull beneath, except for the white comma. I've always liked its raggedy wings which are highly unusual and must have an explanation. When I retire, I will find out what it is (unless anyone can very kindly provide a shortcut and enlighten me now).

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