Saturday, 11 July 2009

Humming along

Much as I love England, there are times when you think about living somewhere...well...more exciting. We have so many small brown moths and small brown birds and pretty well no alligators. (British Waterways recorded a small and presumably escaped crocodile on the Cotswold canal near Stroud during its annual wildlife survey in 2005). Anyway, here are a couple of exotic pics from my new American friend Dorry - see Comment boxes in the posts immediately below. Like all journal-keepers, I like comments. Don't be put off by the identity question; just click the Anonymous button and then say who you are in the actual message, or not, according to taste. Dorry lives in a watery wonderworld on the Mississippi coast. No alligator shortage there. You can see more if you follow his links in the comments, and its well worth it. btw the second Lord Rothschild, one of the great eccentric butterfly collectors, used 'dust shot' to kill both humming birds and large moths for his vast collections of both. They are not a very lovely sight, stuffed and pinned, but have contributed to science. In the trapping department, it was colder last night and there were many fewer moths about, but I will bring you news of some of them soon.

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