Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Grey and Green

We used to talk about mysterious Grey Men who directed the nation's affairs. Here are a couple of grey moths, although they are too light-stunned to be directing anything. The Grey Dagger on the left is a favourite of mine. It should be called Daggers, plural, because it has as many as a mediaeval assassin. One on each shoulder and one on each hindwing. You can see them in the picture, like poignards. Its companion is (I am pretty sure, he adds nervously) a Grey Arches, one of a number of similar moths with those zigzags and miniature window arches. Joining them today is the season's second caterpillar, which I'm still trying to track down. I thought it was a Small or Green-veined White's, but I don't think they have that natty white elipse, like a car spoiler, on their rear.

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