Sunday, 19 July 2009

Grey day

The biggest of the micro-moths, the Mother of Pearl, has been coming to the trap for several weeks now. But they are very skittery and tend to fly off as soon as I bumble into view. I've managed to photograph a few, but always either a little blurred or without the pearly sheen which is so striking in reality and their distinctive mark. I think this pic does the job, in spite of my trembling hands. It gives a slightly blurred effect initially but if you click on it, you'll see the lovely glimmer of grey, white and mauve. I like the long antennae folded back along the body too.

Otherwise greyness ruled this morning, although in an attractive way. I'm fairly sure that we have a Grey Arches here, being examined by the equally grey Poplar Hawk, which is heading for some sort of record for a species continually visiting the trap; it will be two months soon. Finally, below, here's a sad-looking creature which I must check out with one of my more expert advisers - it's either a Silver Y which can be notoriously varied, or one of the Golden Ys down on its luck (see exciting cartoon, several posts below).

Moths and butterflies get damaged very quickly. I'm currently stalking an incredibly tatty Meadow Brown round the garden in the hope of bringing you a contrast with the spanking new one I pictured a few weeks ago. But in spite of its half-wrecked condition, it's been too clever for me so far.

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