Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Away from Home, Part III

Goodness; a tripartite blog, whatever next (this episode goes with the two below). I'm rushing off to Doncaster but had to add this to show my Mum's hunter's eye. She spotted this Light Emerald (No, it's a Common White Wave - see Benny's helpful Comment) by her front door, which has a light of its own. Nothing like as potent as the mercury vapour one in the trap, but if you have an outside light on warm nights, it should attract moths. A propos of nothing, one of my favourite habits when in London is to walk along a street in somewhere posh like Islington after dark, for the sheer joy of triggering the anti-burglar lights, one after the other. It's like being God at the creation of the world. Let there be light! And there were moths.


MR G said...

I've had a gander over the moth blog site I'm especially impressed with the macro picture from the national museum.... I'm now on the hunt for exciting inspirational moths at park ave... I'll keep you posted on my findings!! All the Best Johnny

Bennyboymothman said...

That be a Common White Wave :)

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks Johnny - I wish I could hold the camera steady enough - and close enough to take pics like the Nat Hist one. Good luck in your searches and let me know. I'm going through a rather boring spell at the moment - the same moths turning up again and again, like pub regulars.

Thanks Benny! Another of my glorious errors. I much appreciate being put right. All best to both M