Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Playing grand-moth-er's footsteps

I am collecting eggboxes at the moment. The whole family is risking becoming eggbound in the interest of moth trapping. I don't like using the big bowl with nowhere for the insects to creep away and sleep, pending my arrival in the morning. Meanwhile, here are two slightly different views of recent arrivals: I crept up behind the Scalloped Oak (above) to catch the extreme tilt of its body at rest. Does all its blood rush to its head? And you can see from the similar rear view of an Early Thorn (right) why moths can spot you more or less wherever you are. Look behind you! Yes, it is doing. The third pic shows the Thorn from the side, with its characteristic and unusual 'butterfly' way of holding its wings vertically when in repose.

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