Saturday, 29 March 2014


The usual gang of grey and dun-coloured brethren were joined in the trap last night by this more exotic character; one of the ichneumon wasps, I think, which we were induced to fear and loathe as children because they lay eggs in caterpillars and live cannibalism ensues.

I'm seeing my little granddaughter today but she isn't old enough yet for such stories which sound awful but have an appeal to the young as the well-named Brothers Grimm well knew.

The other interesting sleeper in the eggboxes was this caddis-fly-type character; the Cinammon Sedge maybe? Full IDs must await my studies later or - more likely - the kindness of my Commentors. I hope you have a lovely weekend. It's warmer again, at last.


Ray Walton said...

Your ichneumon wasp looks like the Ophion Wasp which is attracted to outside lights, lighted windows and "moth traps" which lives inside and eventually kills its host, of the larvae of mainly noctuid and prominent moths; my Garden Wildlife BWP book says

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks as always Ray. I reckon that's the one. Horrible habits but apparently a useful predator on insect pests. The sun s back, hooray. Hope also with you. All warmest M