Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The way we were

The cure for grumpiness, and especially the misleading notion that things were better in past times, is to look back. After a particularly dull catch in the trap this morning - I shall scream if I find another Clouded Drab - I flicked disconsolately to check the blog last year.

Goodness! Here are the pictures I used on 30 March...

 I had completely forgotten. Also, my moth count for 2013 at that stage was three, plus a dead Copper Underwing found in the attic.  Today the tally for 2014 stands proudly at 21. So I shall restart my day in a cheerful and optimistic mood.


Bennyboymothman said...

We have just had snow here! only a dusting, but it was 1 degree at 4pm what a weird ole' day indeed!
Looks like Spring will be back or the weekend and into next week with high teens expected. :)

sarah meredith said...

Hi Martin - a dose of your optimism is much needed today in NYC where it feels like 17 degrees F! If I were to look back at photos from this day last year, I think I would find daffodils and crocuses blooming in Central Park - but not today! So I will glom vicariously onto your good spirits! Hope all is well - love to all. xxs

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi pals!

Well, we've had sun, rain, hail, sun again, cloud, drizzle...

But nothing to compare with your Ice Age, Sarah. Brrrrr! All i well here and Lil Emly is a constant joy. A friend of ours said 'Having a grandchild is like falling in love again' and that's spot on.

Ben - let's hope you're right. I've heard the same, so I'm banking on at least one more night of trapping this month

all v warmest (appropriately) to both