Sunday, 9 March 2014

Double figures - and how

The weather has suddenly turned lovely, in the traditionally curious British way, and both the thermometer and the number of moth visitors have soared into double figures. As you can see from my first two pictures, we are back in the world of overnight residents clustering together and sometimes on top of one another; and not just in the trap. The second picture shows four Common Quakers on an unfinished window some five yards away.

How many moths came to the lamp? 43 in the trap itself and another ten on the window and a nearby wall - the latter including this beautifully patterned Small Brindled Beauty - I think - below whose camouflage was just a little too dark for its surroundings.

The other newcomer was my first Twin-spotted Quaker of 2014, below, and there were a couple of nice Satellites along with 31 Common Quakers, three Clouded Drabs, five Hebrew Characters, a Dotted Border and the chap at the end of this post. I had taken the precaution of finding a notebook and pen before I went out to look at the catch and I'm glad I did.

I'm also glad that I ordered a spare bulb for the trap more than a year ago when my last one failed. When I turned on the lamp last night, I noticed the absence of the usual quiet hum from the choke which governs the mysteries of mercury vapour bulbs, and sure enough the bulb had gone.

Here it is, in an RIP picture above, with the slightly yellowing base which I think marks its malfunctioning. I would have been sorry to have missed last night's trapping. Finally, I think this prettily coloured moth below, which completed the haul, is a Small Quaker but would be very grateful for correction or confirmation.


Bennyboymothman said...

What a catch Martin, putting me to shame hehe.
My trap is going ON tonight as a result of this gloriously sunny day we have had today.
Yes to Small Quaker.

Never had a Twin-spotted or Small Brindled Beauty in the garden...i'm still hoping.

All the best

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi Ben! Yes, they are coming thick and fast at the moment though the nights have snapped cold again so I don't know whether it will keep on this way. Thanks very much for the confirmation and I'll ask my Twin-spotted and Small BB to pay you a call. All warm wishes as ever, Martin