Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tiger, tiger

My sister Tessa is today's moth recorder, snatching this action pic with her mobile phone after an exciting chase. She's been on a flying visit to Lyme Regis from Bradford, where you don't get moths like this. Even if one smuggled itself in with a wool batch, they'd intercept it in today's equivalent of the old Conditioning House. I went past that the other day, recalling a tour I was given there years ago for a piece about anthrax in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. It looks as though it's being handsomely converted, like Lister's Mill and so many other fine stone buildings in the city. Anyway, if you've been paying attention, you'll know that this is a Jersey Tiger, previously encountered by Martin's Moths in Turkey in June. It was flying in the sun and Tess naturally thought it was a butterfly, russet like a fritillary in flight, then magically cream and dark chocolate at rest (albeit with a scrap of the vivid underwing just showing). It's an immigrant from France or the Channel Islands and a very welcome one. I like the background and must check with Tess what it is.
I've added a couple of Turkish Jersey Tigers, below, for contrast. Interesting, the oily effect of their dark scales reflecting my camera flash. Click on the pic for even more awesome viewing...

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