Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Population explosion

Why are there so many Large Yellow Underwings in Leeds? The trap was packed with them last night. As we know, the blackbird eats them, and we have plenty of blackbirds. But still there are hordes. Here's one eggbox, typical of many, and there just as many LYUs on its other side. A couple of interesting smaller moths too.

Here's a relative (right) of Michael Meadowcroft's Garden Carpet, featured yesterday. This is the Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, a long name for a little moth. The other pic (left) is of one of the few types of moth which imitate butterflies when at rest by folding their wings above their backs, rather than on them. I'm still trying to work out what it is. And I think (some hours later, with the day's work done) that it's a Small Argent & Sable. Please correct me in the Comment slot if I'm wrong. Update: It's the following morning now - see entry above for latest Jax-Info on this fascinating debate.

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