Monday, 25 August 2008

Oranges and a lemon

More colour than usual in the trap this morning. Meet the Sallows. The lemon moth is an ordinary Sallow, the one with a purpley bit, a Centre-Barred Sallow and the other three are their relative, the Dun Bar, albeit one has slightly different patterning from the other two. It was a warmish, dry night which perhaps brought them out.
There was also a nice Lesser Swallow Prominent, as featured previously, and this smaller, beautifully marked moth. Needless to say, I am now deep in Waring, Townsend and Lewington trying to work out which it is. (Update: answer, thanks to Jax, is a Marble Beauty. Appropriate name.)


Jax said...

Looks like a Marbled Beauty, Martin. My warped imagination has it looking like it's carrying a baby on its back!


Anonymous said...

brilliant J - do you know what the caterpillar (entry below) is? Now there's a challenge...