Saturday, 23 August 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning... last! Sunshine, warmth, all the things they need at the Leeds Festival just up the road. That would be a good place to run a trap. Not many moths here, meanwhile, but some nice ones. I specially like these T-shaped plume moths, although nailing down exactly which one is which is currently beyond me. I just checked out a US website - Joe Biden's the Obama running mate btw - and there are 154 which look like this in the States alone. There are plenty in Leeds too. Also here: an aptly-named Beautiful Golden Y which settled within inches of the dazzling mercury vapour light, a Straw Dot and something very distinctive which nonetheless I cannot (yet) name. Where is Jax?


Jax said...

Where is Jax? Sounds like a good title for a new blog :o)

Your moth looks like a Garden Rose Tortrix - Acleris variegana or the tippex moth as it's known in our house!

Happy Trapping


MartinWainwright said...

Hi Jax - many thanks as ever. How interesting that it's a micro-moth cos it's quite big. I'm reassured to find that it wasn't my usual hopelessness with the ID book. Tippex is an excellent name. All best and thanks for taking the trouble