Tuesday, 19 August 2008

House and Garden

I wasn't going to do an entry this morning, partly because it continues to rain and partly because I'm in mourning for one of the Sparrowhawks I mentioned the other day. It flew straight into our sitting room window and broke its neck. This has happened previously with a fine thrush and a greenfinch and it's always upsetting. You get the chance to look at a beautiful bird closely, but that's all. On the cheerful side, several others including a hen blackbird have hit the windows and recovered after a rest and some water. Anyway, I just opened the email and Michael Meadowcroft has sent me this third moth, adding that he never knew that Bramley was so full of them. Indeed it is, as is everywhere in the country. This one's a Garden Carpet, as in the Flanders & Swann song about the garden being full of furniture and the house full of plants.

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